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Top Ten Tuesday: Likes/Dislikes About Romances

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new prompt is provided and book bloggers, like me, share their top ten lists.

This week’s prompt-

Top Ten Likes/Dislikes About Romances in Books


1. It’s always a good girl liking a bad boy I understand there is a lot of hype about bad boys and why girls are always attracted to them, but sometimes it’s not that hot. An angsty guy who doesn’t have a job and who hates the law- for once can the girl call a spade a spade? 2. The guy never wants a relationship Once again, we’ve all been there and experienced this one but I would like to argue that there are guys who actually want to date. And if they keep turning you down over and over again, would you really still be interested? I would like to hope not. 3. The man is perfect, even his flaws are lovable I feel like this happens a LOT in romances and it’s just hard to believe. I know when I flip through magazines I see lots of chiseled, buff, tan, perfect men but I’m not sure how many I’ve come across in real life… Also, if they are cold and distant they still manage to be likable and attractive. What if they’re just assholes? 4. The girl is always clumsy and awkward Why is the main character always clumsy and constantly needs to be rescued? Why can’t she be a kickass girl who has her head on straight and doesn’t have to wait around for that bad boy to make up his mind? For once I’d like to see her say “screw you” and move on to her fabulous life. 5. Love triangles I will admit- there was a time long, long ago that I appreciated a good love triangle. There was always the dilemma about who she was going to pick and what would happen. Now it seems like they are in EVERY book and it just gets old. Again, how often does this happen in real life? (if you say “a lot” then you are one busy lady!)


6. If done good, it will give you butterflies There is nothing I love more than a book that give me goosebumps and makes me relive those feelings of falling in love all over again. From the nerves to the anticipation of the first kiss, it’s just… bliss.

7. Realistic relationships Nothing impresses me more than when I read about two characters falling in love and it seems so realistic. They don’t fall head over heels right away or maybe there are some obstacles and they have to work through it. Things aren’t perfect but they make it happen.

8. You grin like an idiot when you read it This goes back to the butterflies feeling but come on, isn’t this the best part of romances?

9. There will always be some kind of happy ending This is almost a dislike but I do enjoy a happy ending most of the time. Admit it- you’d be pissed if you read about this romance for 300 pages and then they ended up hating each other (pretty realistic sometimes though). We invest in these characters and we want it to work out somehow.

10. How often does a super hot, perfect, funny man live across the hall from you? In your romance novels… all of the time 🙂

-Busy Brunette

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