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Well, friends, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon. Now I’m not talking about becoming a hipster (I’m not that effortlessly cool) and I’m definitely not talking about the not-drinking bandwagon! No, the bandwagon I am talking about is a slightly different one- I’m going to start writing a blog. And not just any blog, a book review blog.

Just a warning to you- I read basically every genre of book there is, depending on my mood (except cookbooks, I’m never in the mood for those). With that being said, keep checking back. Some weeks my book might not be for you but the next one might be the golden ticket you were looking for. If it’s something you’ve read, please, PLEASE leave a comment of how you liked it. I love hearing what other people think of books!

Enjoy! 🙂

-Busy Brunette

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