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Book Review: The Woman in the Window

My Rating: 4

Short and sweet:

I read this book awhile ago but it left enough of an impact on me that I wanted to still post a review. I enjoyed that the main portion of the story focused on a fairly uncommon topic (agoraphobia) and the main character literally could not leave her house.

It was interesting to view the psychology behind it and yet terrifying to imagine being trapped within those walls.

To pass the time, she obsessively watches her neighbors, and witnesses something she shouldn’t. What ensues is definitely a thriller/mystery, however, a la The Girl on the Train style, the main character often drinks way too much and mixes a lot of pills with it, so you are left trying to figure out if you trust her or not. This was hard for me as my views kept changing, but overall it left me wanting to get to the end. Crazy twists and turns- fast summer read!


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