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Book Review: The Sun Down Motel

Rundown motel? Ghosts? Murder mystery? Sign me up. đź‘»


This book has received so much talk in the book blogging community, and I was extremely excited when I finally got my hands on it. The Sun Down Motel is the story of Carly, whose aunt Vivian used to work at the motel in the 80s but disappeared and was never heard from again. She goes back to the town and tried to figure out what actually happened to her. The story flips back and forth between current day and 1982, slowly revealing what types of events led up to Vivian’s disappearance.


Although the setting and plot is creepy, I would not say that it is absolutely terrifying as some people made it out to be- I was seriously worried I would not be able to sleep while reading this one. Don’t worry, it’s not THAT scary, but it definitely has an eerie paranormal feel to it.


As much as I loved this book, and I did really enjoy it, I will say that there were quite a few moments I had to flip back and forth because I kept getting mixed up between what was happening with who. Reflecting now I think it was intentional to have similar stories and people in each timeline but it was really hard for me to keep them straight. I feel like perhaps this could’ve been less repetitive to keep the plot moving a little faster.


Overall, I can’t say no to a creepy haunted motel story, and although this didn’t live up to The Shining standards, it was fun to mix it up a bit and eat this one up. If you are looking for a spooky book to keep your blood pumping, check this one out.

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