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Book Review: The Last Mrs. Parrish

My Rating: 4

The Last Mrs. Parrish is a story of lies and revenge, jealousy and manipulation. It is lavish, shocking, and completely over-the-top. And I loved it.

Amber is from a small town and grew up with nothing. She is sick of always being the underdog and is ready for her turn at the privileged life she deserves. Planning her every move, she targets Daphne Parrish, wife of billionaire Jackson Parrish, in order to slip into their lives and tear the power couple apart, in turn becoming the next Mrs. Parrish.

This story is filled with more twists and turns than you could ever see coming, and it has plenty of parts that will leave your jaw dropped. However, it takes a little while to get there. I would say the first 40 pages of the book were a little slow for me as the authors spend a lot of time glamorizing the lifestyle of the rich and showing off all of the wealth. I understand it’s necessary background and buildup, but I did almost completely stop the book a few times during the beginning. But I’m warning you- don’t!

Even if you feel the start is slow, and you absolutely cannot stand Amber (because she is basically just a horrible person), I promise it all pays off, especially once you get about halfway through the book. Oh, does it pay off. I would say this is one of the best psychological thrillers I read in 2017 and I can’t wait to see what else this team of sisters has in store.

Overall, I REALLY liked this book. I was so close to giving it a 5 as I would love to read it again, but due to its slow start I went down to a 4. Still an excellent read, however, and definitely worth your time. If you are looking for a twisted and suspenseful psychological thriller, you will find it in The Last Mrs. Parrish.

-Busy Brunette

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