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Book Review: Me Before You

Author: Jojo Moyes Published: 2012 Publisher: Pamela Dorman Books Number of Pages: 369 My Rating: 4 Summary from GoodReads.com: Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick. What Lou doesn’t know is she’s about to lose her job or that knowing what’s coming is what keeps her sane. Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he’s going to put a stop to that. What Will doesn’t know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they’re going to change the other for all time. I just finished this book and I am feeling so many emotions right now that it’s really hard to put it all into words. Me Before You

When Louisa begins working for the Traynors, she has no idea what she is getting herself into. Will is mean, miserable, and rude to her and his parents aren’t much warmer. She is desperate for the money to help her parents, but the stress she has to go through on a day-to-day basis doesn’t seem worth it. She pushes through it, though, and she slowly begins to soften Will and learn about the man he is. Together, they go on a journey, learning things about each other and doing things that will change both of their lives. All I can really say about this book is, sigh. While reading I was happy and sad and swoony and mad and frustrated and excited and… You get the point. This won’t be a boring read for you and it will leave you feeling all kinds of things. It’s such a unique and amazing story that you simply have to check it out for yourself. Jojo Moyes is an extremely talented writer and she came up with something that will live on forever. A high five, three tears, and one big sigh for the story of Will and Louisa!

-Busy Brunette

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