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Book Review: Love Warrior

My Rating: 4

If you are looking for raw and honest- read this book.

Part of my 2018 resolution was to continue sharing more of my authentic self with my friends and the world, and Glennon Doyle is one of the best people to follow when trying to achieve this goal. First famous for her blog Momastery and her collection-of-posts-turned-book Carry On, Warrior, Glennon switched it up a little with this one and just offered a true memoir regarding her marriage journey, roles as a mother and author, and all of the struggles that come with it.

Glennon dives into the beginning of everything, including her entire ordeals with bulimia, alcohol, sex, and drugs, leaving nothing off the table and being brutally honest in sharing her story. This leads up into her surprise pregnancy and quick wedding, then continues on through their marriage problems and how she deals with her husband’s infidelity.

While it is a memoir at its core, Glennon puts forth plenty of wisdom and reflection, sharing what she learned along with her new views of life, family, and love. I am a huge fan of her’s and I feel it takes a truly special person to divulge the good parts of life along with the ugly, as we all have plenty of ugly parts to share. It is through this sharing that we can come together and know that we are not alone.

Overall, I loved learning more about this beautiful person along with her life. We all see someone in the spotlight (or on social media) and assume things are perfect which makes us feel like we are less than. Through her book, Glennon reminds us that there is so much going on inside of a person that we don’t know about, and we must treat each other with patience and love, including and especially ourselves. I am so happy this was one of my first books of the new year and I am excited to take Glennon’s courage and bravery and help it inspire me in my own journey of authenticity.

-Busy Brunette

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