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Book Review: Home Before Dark

“Every house has a story. Ours is a ghost story.”

Are you hooked yet? 😱 The perfect book for Halloween time, this one was an unexpected treat in the hot heat of summer, leaving me flipping pages and scared to read before bed.

Home Before Dark is the story of Maggie, whose family was run out of their house 25 years ago, claiming to have been haunted (and hunted) by evil entities. Now given possession of that same house, she is faced with the difficult decision of going back to the place that has all-consumed her entire life and existence.

Opposite her present-day chapters are chapters from The Book that her dad wrote and got famous for based on their 20 days there. Maggie is trying to get answers and finally validate that her father made the entire thing up for money and fame. Is she right? Or is she stumbling back into the same place that has possessed her dreams?

This was a fun one. I always love a good haunted house story and there were tons of different layers of mystery going on that left me guessing until the end. If you are looking for a great escape, you’ve found it! Just make sure you are home before dark…

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