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Book Review: Fractured

My Rating: 4

I finished this book in less than a day if that gives you any indication of how much I enjoyed it (and I have a young toddler so this was no easy feat). Every time I pick up a book that sounds like it will be suspenseful, I am hoping for an experience like this one. The writing was engaging, the plot gripping, and the emotions were electric.

Fractured is the story of a famous author, Julie, who moves with her family to a new suburban neighborhood to escape an obsessed stalker that has haunted her for years. She is hoping the neighborhood will not only be a great place to start over, but will also be the perfect setting to help her write her second novel. This community with manicured lawns and impeccable houses turns out to be far from idyllic, however.

The story alternates viewpoints between Julie and her neighbor across the street, John, which makes the reading go that much faster. It also switches between ‘then’ and ‘now’, a technique that basically causes you to never put the book down. ‘Then’ is the story describing Julie and her family’s beginnings in the neighborhood while ‘now’ is John and his family going to court for a trial- about what we don’t know.

The neighborhood is run by gossipy women who quickly dismiss Julie after a few mishaps, and her only connection becomes John, which adds fuel to the rumor fire. John works from home and Julie is working on her book, so it only makes sense he should help her out when the threat of her stalker returns, right?

Overall, this was a fast read that was full of interesting characters, a solid plot, and twists that I was not able to figure out. I loved that I wasn’t able to solve the mystery and it left me feeling stumped, which was awesome. Catherine McKenzie is an excellent writer and I am excited to pick up some more of her books. If you are looking for your next thriller that is full of suspense and surprises, then Fractured is the one for you. -Busy Brunette

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